Academic Book Publishing in the Anglo-American Market

5 July 2024, 16:00



June 25th (starting at 3 p.m., German time) Zoom Meeting with Jakob Horstmann:
The first part of the course was structured as follows:

  • • General publication strategy for senior scholars
  • • How US/UK academic publishers operate
  • • How to approach and communicate with a publisher
  • • The high art of filling in a book proposal form
  • • Book publication roadmap
  • • Book contracts and other technicalities
  • • The Peer Review Process
  • • Open Access pro and cons
  • • Titles and blurb writing
  • • Book Marketing and PR

July 5th 3 pm to 6.15 pm (German time) Zoom Meeting
The second section of the workshop consists of 30min to 45min individual sessions with participants to discuss their current book projects in detail. The participants receive one-to-one coaching on what the next steps in their publication efforts should be.

Zoom links are available in the VUIAS Hub

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