Yevhenii Tkachenko

Fellow 2023/2024


Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

Open Society University Network/CEU Institute of Advanced Study, Budapest-Ukraine


Yevhenii Tkachenko is an Associate Professor at the Department of Constitutional Law of Ukraine, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University. His professional interests are: the constitutional principle of equality and equity, public authority and power, human rights, rights of minorities, national and ethnic relations, citizenship and civic engagement and interactive teaching. He is the author of around 100 publications in Ukrainian and English. Since 2022 is co-founder and member of the “Civic Educators’ Association” NGO (Ukraine). Since May 2023 he is part of CEFRES non-residential fellowship for Ukrainian researchers – research topic Protection of Minority Rights in the Field of Education: A Comparative Study (Cases of Ukraine, Czech Republic, and France)”. VUIAS Fellow 2023/2024, CEU Institute of Advanced Study (Budapest-Ukraine) – research topic: “Protection of the rights of national and ethnic minorities”. Yevhenii is a participant of the research project “Restorative justice in Ukraine: (non)overcoming Soviet state crimes from 1991 until today”, funded by the German Peace Research Foundation of the Institute for Eastern European Law (Institut für Ostrecht) – research topic “Restorative (rehabilitation) justice in Ukraine in context of protecting the rights of the Crimean Tatar people” (2024). Also he is the participant of joint project Supporting Ukraine’s Progress on EU Reforms «Protection of national minorities» (EUI Department of Law/RSCAS Centre for Judicial Cooperation/GGP; Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, project PI University of Genoa (Law)) (2024)

Minority Rights Protection in Ukraine

1. General analysis of the socio-political situation regarding the protection of the rights of ethnic and linguistic minorities in Ukraine:

А) Analysis of the population structure of Ukraine. Population census of 2001, how the quantitative composition of the population in Ukraine has changed. Peculiarities of the legal status of ethnic and linguistic minorities in Ukraine.

B) Problems of determining the legal status and protection of ethnic groups (Crimean Tatars, Gagauz, Roma), sub-ethnic groups (Rusyns, Lemki).

C) A brief historical analysis of the national-ethnic policy in Ukraine, which can conditionally be divided into two periods – before 2014 (attempts of the​ authorities to continue the Soviet national-ethnic policy) and national language
policy after 2014.

D) Problems of protecting the rights of ethnic minorities in Ukraine during wartime. Problems of protecting the rights of minorities in the conditions of conflict in foreign countries.

E) Protection of the rights of national and linguistic minorities under the wider EU rule (Baltic countries, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Balkan countries).

2. Analysis of the problems of protecting the national minorities rights in various spheres of public (social) life based on the analysis of the new Law “On National Minorities (Communities) in Ukraine and its amendments, recommendations of the European Commission, Conclusions of the Venice Commission and field research (surveys conduct) of national minorities status in Ukraine (Bulgarians, Roma, Gagauz, Hungarians, Moldovans and others).

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